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The company has obtained the MTU OEM authorization

The company has obtained the authorization of the MTU engine OEM, the company has more diverse choices in high-power industrial engines, and the single power has been expanded to 2400KW. "Hengjin" brand diesel generator sets are more competitive in the market.

The company has won the honorary title of "Shanghai Famous Brand" for 13 consecutive years

Shanghai Hengjin Power Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the re-evaluation of Shanghai Famous brand in 2016. Since 2003, the company has won this honor for 13 consecutive years. "Hengjin" brand products have been recognized by the majority of users. A comprehensive endorsement of the company's products.

The company successfully held its annual meeting on January 12, 2017

In the relaxed and cheerful atmosphere on January 12, all the staff ushered in the annual meeting of the company. Under the careful organization of the Personnel Administration Department and the participation of all the staff, they performed the show together, made two relaxed and humorous games, and also carried out a climactic lucky draw. Of course, the most important part is the annual evaluation of the company. It is also the company's recognition and commendation to every employee, especially those with outstanding performance and hard work. It is to encourage every employee of the company to work hard in the New Year, develop together with the company and realize their dreams together.

Hengjin Power and Hongdu town commercial Bank basketball game held smoothly

Hengjin Power and Hongdu town commercial Bank basketball game held smoothly One afternoon in December, our company held a friendly match with Hongdu Town Commercial Bank.