Automatic parallel

Automatic parallel



Hengjin parallel machine system

Hengjin standard type parallel cabinet is composed of two parallel cabinets and a converging cabinet. It is suitable for the whole series of standard units and parallel units. It has the function of manual/semi-automatic/automatic two or more parallel units. It can also be used as a standby power testing unit (controlled ATS, or short-time parallel grid for continuous power conversion), single unit and municipal network, multiple units parallel (up to 32 units), multiple units parallel and municipal power grid, with peak selection function, can be put in or out of the unit according to the actual load needs, with scalability, according to the development needs, Add equipment to meet the increased load.

Hengjin side cabinet combination cabinet can be flexibly applied to the unit and unit parallel occasions, can increase or decrease the number of units according to the project use situation; Replace the parallel control system on the standard unit and replace the frame circuit breaker.

A multi-unit parallel system adopts Czech Komai InteliCompactNT MINT main control module

Multiple units in parallel

Digital active and reactive power distribution

GCB control, including automatic synchronization

It can automatically add or subtract units according to the load, without a master controller

Maintenance time timer

Extensible (MainsCompactNT) module allows multiple machines to connect to the municipal network

B Standby system, uninterrupted transfer system using Czech Komai InteliCompactNT SPtM main control module