Automatic switching

Automatic switching

HJZ Dual Power Automatic Converter Cabinet (ATS)


Constant HJZ dual power automatic transfer cabinet (ATS) is a switch panel configured in the emergency power system. The screen detects the mains voltage and frequency in real time. Once the mains fault is found (mains voltage is too high, too low, lack of phase, power off, etc.), it will automatically send a signal to open the unit; After the automatic unit receives the signal, it automatically starts the unit. Once the power generation is normal, the ATS screen control switch is put into power supply; After the mains returns to normal and the ATS screen is confirmed by delay, power generation and mains switch conversion are controlled to restore mains power supply. At the same time, the control unit will stop after cooling operation. In order to achieve a real fully automatic dual (mains/power generation) power supply system.


A, HJZ series automatic conversion cabinet body selection: GGD cabinet (optional GCK, MNS and other cabinet types).


B, ATS main switch selection: Yangzhou Askai PC SKT series, optional ABB, Schneider Wandao PC ATS switch.

C, controller selection: Zhengzhou Zhongzhi dual power automatic switching intelligent controller.

D, installation mode: wall-mounted, floor type.

Use place: indoor
Ambient temperature: -5℃ -- +40℃, the average temperature within 24H shall not be higher than +35℃
The altitude of the site shall not exceed 2000m
The relative humidity of the surrounding air does not exceed 50% when the highest humidity is +40℃. The influence of condensation that may occur occasionally due to temperature changes should be taken into account
The inclination of the vertical plane shall not exceed 5% when the equipment is installed
The equipment shall be installed in a place free from violent vibration and impact, and in a place where insufficient electrical components are corroded
Select the type separately for special use occasions

E. Main technical indicators

Rated insulation voltage: 750V
Rated operating voltage: AC440V